Biz & G’s New Show ~ RV Gas Station Gem ~ Final Boondocking ~ S5 FINAL

Well, this is it folks, our final episode of our Spring 2017 trip. We wake up early in our gas station boondocking spot and head towards Anchorage. We stock up on town and spend the night at Cabela’s. The next day we head towards Seward and boondock for our last night together. The day after we head into Seward and get setup for the summer! Thanks for watching everyone!!!!!!


Big Heat Lamp Mistake ~ Beautiful & Dangerous Drive ~ RV Movie Setup ~ S5E21

The phone I have been filming with over the last 3 years is a Samsung Note 4. And, while on the road this year, it has been letting me down! I didn’t get any footage from our drive in as my phone decided to stop recording video for no reason!

But anyway, the night before we got in late and it was snowing fairly heavily. We had to pull over to a rest area because it was getting so bad. We wake up the next morning and we get the official introduction to biz and I share the dumb move I pulled the night before. Then we get underway and stop at Fort Nelson. As many of you know and I have replied, these videos are delayed. This was early in the summer when it was still fairly cold and the water was shut off at most places. With that said, I had to bargain with the RV park across the street to let us fill fresh water. After get filled up we hit some more snow. It was a gorgeous drive for certain. But, it was also a stressful one. Thankfully, we made it safely to our next boondocking spot and share how we setup movies in the rig!


Biz Drives The RV ~ Liard Hotsprings ~ Our Survivalism Gear ~ S5E22

The drive in with the RV was tough but waking up to this amazing spot was great! I get the drone up in the morning and a plan forms for a cool video. After some breakfast and planning, Biz drives the RV over the bridge for an epic shot! Sadly, watching the drone and the road made the video a little glitchy on my end, but I think it turned out ok. Then we continue onto Liard and spend the night there. Later in the night we discuss an idea we have been discussing on the road. It started out as a “what would we need to survive”. It turned into how long could we last and what would we bring with us. Enjoy!


Biz & G Drive The RV ~ Arriving Back In Alaska ~ Gas Station Boondocking ~ S5E25

After an amazing Northern Lights show around the fire we head out bright and early towards the Alaska border. I had been planning on having G and Biz drive this portion as it is very open with little traffic. G and Biz did a great job! Then, we head across the border and find an awesome free boondocking spot at a gas station.


Canadian Firearm Oddity ~ RV Convoy ~ Casino Losses & Boondocking ~ S5E18

We finally get our RV into Canada for our trip up to Alaska! We gas up beforehand as fuel is WAY cheaper within the lower 48. While crossing, we have weird experience with our firearm but everything turned out ok. Then we meet up with our Convoy and head North. If you love scenery videos, this one is for you! Lots of driving through amazing Canadian landscapes. Then, we finally make it to Prince George where you meet our convoy members and we (I) lose some $$$.


Our Motorhome Is Falling Apart ~ Buying Parts Before Canada ~ New RV Shower Setup ~ S5E16

I don’t know if Biz is back luck or what, but things are starting to break down on our RV! In this video the mattress fails, the steps get worse, the fridge continues to act up and the shower falls off of for the last time! When we get to Bellingham, WA I take the shower out and install a shower curtain setup. Thus far, I much prefer the shower curtain!


Our RV Windshield Is Toast ~ Bridge Of Fear ~ Kobuk’s Newest Toy ~ S5E13

We leave our boondocking spot after a few days of work and head to the big town of Missoula, Montana. We get a giant rock chip on our windshield that completely ruined our camera location. Out windshield is so beat up at the moment that we do not even bother to fill in the crack… After arriving in town we almost skim 3 inches from our roof and Kobuk gets a new toy. Enjoy!

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Keto Diet ~ RV Destroyed In Wreck ~ The Early Odds Of Me Living In A RV ~ S5E7

In the morning G goes over our latest eating habits. Since we started this diet I have felt fantastic! Then, we leave our awesome boondocking spot to head North towards Colorado Springs to meet up with one of my old friends. Along the way we passed the worst RV/Car accident I have ever seen. The rig was literally blown apart with gear and pieces thrown everywhere. The truck was caved in on the passenger side and looks as though they would have been ok as long as they had their seatbelts on. Be safe this spring everyone! You think it cannot happen to you but you take one corner too sharp and that is it! We then spend some time with my friend exploring the local area of Colorado Springs.

38.860550, -104.907160

Hunting Shipping Container Shoot ~ Hubbard Creek Free RV Boondocking ~ S5E2

We start our morning boondocking in a Walmart Parking lot. After eating some breakfast we hit the road towards Graham, Texas. We shot an awesome container home that is mostly purchased by hunters with remote property. Then, after the shoot we search and find Hubbard Creek Reservoir for boondocking.


Caught In Snow Showers ~ Very Lucky RV Boondocking Spot ~ S4E30

Our time spent near Mountain Home was very productive! I got tons of editing done while G was hard at work on her school work. I wish we would have spent more time exploring the area than working but that is the way it goes sometimes! We hit the road towards Utah with weather reports showing it would not snow until the next morning, this obviously was not the case. We hit some snow then get better weather only to find more snow up the road. Luckily, we find an awesome boondocking spot behind a gas station. The next morning we took this road to our new spot and let me tell you, this spot was a blessing for sure!