Canadian Firearm Oddity ~ RV Convoy ~ Casino Losses & Boondocking ~ S5E18

We finally get our RV into Canada for our trip up to Alaska! We gas up beforehand as fuel is WAY cheaper within the lower 48. While crossing, we have weird experience with our firearm but everything turned out ok. Then we meet up with our Convoy and head North. If you love scenery videos, this one is for you! Lots of driving through amazing Canadian landscapes. Then, we finally make it to Prince George where you meet our convoy members and we (I) lose some $$$.


More RV Problems & Repairs ~ G’s Hand Injury ~ Asked To Leave Walmart ~ S5E17

The new shower for our RV turned out pretty good! I am glad I went with this mod and I am currently keeping an eye out for a curved shower curtain. It is never fun taking a shower in the cold and having the cold curtain stick to you! Also, to continue our string of bad luck with the RV, our door jack mount decided to rip off. Then I meed up with bones, check out that interview here ~


Our Motorhome Is Falling Apart ~ Buying Parts Before Canada ~ New RV Shower Setup ~ S5E16

I don’t know if Biz is back luck or what, but things are starting to break down on our RV! In this video the mattress fails, the steps get worse, the fridge continues to act up and the shower falls off of for the last time! When we get to Bellingham, WA I take the shower out and install a shower curtain setup. Thus far, I much prefer the shower curtain!


Leaving The Tiny House ~ Norcold RV Fridge Failure ~ A Special Guest Returns ~S5E15

Sorry for the delay! I hope to have new videos every other day from here on out! Lots has been going on behind the scenes and will give an update very soon! Anyway, we take a hike early in the morning and return to a beeping fridge in the RV. I discuss my ankle rehab and G picks up our old friend…Biz! For those who do not know, Biz drove down with us last year from Alaska and is joining us this year!

Tiny House Sleepover ~ Living In A Tiny Home Is Similar To A RV ~ S5E14

This has been a very big year for our plans for tiny houses and 5th wheels. Being able to spend a night in this tiny home was a huge educational experience for G and I. Not only were we able to get a feel for the size, we were also able to try out products like a nature’s head toilet and a toyostove. This was greatly advantageous to our future goals and plans!

You can find this tiny house here

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G Returns ~ Lacamas Trail Run ~ Preparing The Laundry ~ S4E21

After a few days of getting work done at roadmaster G arrived back to the RV. She was away throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend of hers in California. Fuzz and I head to the airport to pick her up and Kobuk about had a panic attack when he saw her again…it was only a few days! Then we get some running in on an awesome trail. What did you think of the sequence? Was it cool seeing the local area or no? Then we head back to the rv, shower and get ready to get some laundry done. Also, from now on, I think I may post the boondock review videos on Saturday from now on…even if there are multiple videos.


Back To Traveling ~ New RV Boondocking Spot ~ Catching Up ~ S4E19

We start this video in the Kennewick Washington Walmart Parking lot. This is a common stop for us on our travels up and down from Alaska. We spent a decent amount of time at our friends Savannahs and we are getting all caught up on these videos. After a great sunny drive we arrive at our new boondocking spot. Here we plan to get some running, online work and filming done. Tomorrows video will be longer, I promise 🙂