Big Heat Lamp Mistake ~ Beautiful & Dangerous Drive ~ RV Movie Setup ~ S5E21

The phone I have been filming with over the last 3 years is a Samsung Note 4. And, while on the road this year, it has been letting me down! I didn’t get any footage from our drive in as my phone decided to stop recording video for no reason!

But anyway, the night before we got in late and it was snowing fairly heavily. We had to pull over to a rest area because it was getting so bad. We wake up the next morning and we get the official introduction to biz and I share the dumb move I pulled the night before. Then we get underway and stop at Fort Nelson. As many of you know and I have replied, these videos are delayed. This was early in the summer when it was still fairly cold and the water was shut off at most places. With that said, I had to bargain with the RV park across the street to let us fill fresh water. After get filled up we hit some more snow. It was a gorgeous drive for certain. But, it was also a stressful one. Thankfully, we made it safely to our next boondocking spot and share how we setup movies in the rig!



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