Whitehorse Supply Run ~ The Best RV Boondocking Spot Ever ~ S5E25

We woke up in our rv boondocking spot to blue skies and sun. We were finally able to see how awesome this little pull off actually was! We spent some time here and headed towards Whitehorse for our last supply run before Alaska. After a quick stop we got back on the road so we could make it to our favorite boondocking spot yet on our travels.


Biz & G Drive The RV ~ Arriving Back In Alaska ~ Gas Station Boondocking ~ S5E25

After an amazing Northern Lights show around the fire we head out bright and early towards the Alaska border. I had been planning on having G and Biz drive this portion as it is very open with little traffic. G and Biz did a great job! Then, we head across the border and find an awesome free boondocking spot at a gas station.


Leaving The Tiny House ~ Norcold RV Fridge Failure ~ A Special Guest Returns ~S5E15

Sorry for the delay! I hope to have new videos every other day from here on out! Lots has been going on behind the scenes and will give an update very soon! Anyway, we take a hike early in the morning and return to a beeping fridge in the RV. I discuss my ankle rehab and G picks up our old friend…Biz! For those who do not know, Biz drove down with us last year from Alaska and is joining us this year!

Our RV Windshield Is Toast ~ Bridge Of Fear ~ Kobuk’s Newest Toy ~ S5E13

We leave our boondocking spot after a few days of work and head to the big town of Missoula, Montana. We get a giant rock chip on our windshield that completely ruined our camera location. Out windshield is so beat up at the moment that we do not even bother to fill in the crack… After arriving in town we almost skim 3 inches from our roof and Kobuk gets a new toy. Enjoy!

<h4 style=”text-align: center;”>46.836188,-114.036910</h4>

RV Bay Heater Success ~ Something Built A Nest In Our Tow Car ~ S4E31

The two days that covered these last two videos were pretty intense. Not only did we travel on roads we shouldn’t have, I found a stowaway hiding under the hood of our tow car! After all that excitement we take a gorgeous drive to our new camping spot and get setup. Finally, Kobuk gets to frolic around in the fresh powder!


Exploring Naramata Wine Country ~ Salmon Dinner In The RV ~ S4E17

Waking up to rainy/cloudy weather was definitely not in the plans. Regardless, we put on our thermal gear and head out for a day of exploring. This day for definitely for Biz & G. This would be the last time they would be together exploring a new area like this for a while. I played DD for the day while they sipped wine and Kobuk and I sat outside and enjoyed the amazing countryside. Between everyone reading this and me…I enjoyed the quit time. Then we headed back to the RV to cook some Silver salmon I caught right before hitting the road. And of course, we had to sample some of the wine from the days adventures.

Amazing Free Boondocking Spot ~ Living Status Of 3 People Living In Our RV ~ S4E7

Out of the two years of boondocking this has to be the best free boondocking spot we ever stopped at. I could see us staying here for over a week if it was the summer months. I personally could have stayed here a week with the current weather conditions. We get set up and have dinner by the fire. As we sat by the fire we saw the best Northern Lights show I have ever seen. Such a great spot!