More RV Problems & Repairs ~ G’s Hand Injury ~ Asked To Leave Walmart ~ S5E17

The new shower for our RV turned out pretty good! I am glad I went with this mod and I am currently keeping an eye out for a curved shower curtain. It is never fun taking a shower in the cold and having the cold curtain stick to you! Also, to continue our string of bad luck with the RV, our door jack mount decided to rip off. Then I meed up with bones, check out that interview here ~


Our Motorhome Is Falling Apart ~ Buying Parts Before Canada ~ New RV Shower Setup ~ S5E16

I don’t know if Biz is back luck or what, but things are starting to break down on our RV! In this video the mattress fails, the steps get worse, the fridge continues to act up and the shower falls off of for the last time! When we get to Bellingham, WA I take the shower out and install a shower curtain setup. Thus far, I much prefer the shower curtain!


Our New Free RV Camp ~ Procrastination Sucks ~ Packed In For A Snow Storm ~ S5E10

Exploring this nearly abandoned area was really fun! I love checking out new places to camp in our RV. Once I get the RV setup I get ready to change the oil in the generator before the snow comes in. This is important because it was going to get very cold overnight and I REALLY didn’t want to have our pipes burst.


Kobuk Runs Off ~ G Falls In The “Poop Hole” ~ Odd Laundry Experince ~ S4E33

For future reference, if it gets down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat lamp will keep your RV under bay warm enough…at least that is how it worked for us. I get some awesome footage of the sunrise in the morning with the drone and the Canon. We kept pushing it with the cold weather and felt as though it was time to head South so we hit the road. Before we leave town we take care of the storage tanks and G falls into the poop hole! Then we take an amazing drive to Nevada and get some laundry done.


RV Pipes Frozen AGAIN ~ New Heating Gear ~ Christmas In The RV ~ S4E32

It turns out the 100w light was just not enough for the extreme cold that was heading our way. This time, it appeared as though the water pump itself froze up. We then head into Morgan, UT to pick up some new gear in hopes of preventing this from happening again. Then G gets the RV ready for Christmas time!


Morning Run ~ Restocking In Mountain Home ~ New RV Under Bay Heater ~ S4E29

This, like many of our RV boondocking spots, was amazing! The sunrise was one of the best I had seen in a while. The steam coming off of the water was gorgeous and the run afterwords was just as good. After showering, we head into town to restock on supplies and I gather some gear to try a new underbay heating option.


Dolly Vs. Flat Towing ~ RV Battery Testing ~ Exploring Bend ~ S4E25

I have noticed a lot of comments mentioning the pro’s and con’s of flat towing vs dolly towing. It seems as though people have their camp and are sticking with it. The one thing that influenced me was someone in the industry rv trying to set a tow dolly and laughing when I said some people say tow dollies are easier. He was red faced and sweaty and looked at me and said they had no idea what they were talking about. I, for one, have had no problems with my 4 on the floor setup. Backing up has not been a problem but binding has been…that is because I have a cheaper tow bar. Anyway…we head into Bend. And no, we did not go rock climbing. Exploring and relaxing took priority. Then I discuss how going with the flow in regards to eating is key for my sanity and end the day with a supply run and a “good” rating for our cranking battery.


Teaching A Man To Fish ~ Catching Up With Bones ~ 5 Star Tuning RV Install ~ S3E35

The main goal of the “Bones Project” is to give someone the tools they need to succeed. Through the internet I was able to re-connect with this guy and wanted to find a way to make his life better. I am a firm believer in being the change you want to see in the world. When people ask me about political issues or scam artists I always reply with the same sentence “All we can be is the change we want to see in the world”. We shall see how this project goes… Lastly, I finally install the 5 Star Tuning Tune!