Biz & G’s New Show ~ RV Gas Station Gem ~ Final Boondocking ~ S5 FINAL

Well, this is it folks, our final episode of our Spring 2017 trip. We wake up early in our gas station boondocking spot and head towards Anchorage. We stock up on town and spend the night at Cabela’s. The next day we head towards Seward and boondock for our last night together. The day after we head into Seward and get setup for the summer! Thanks for watching everyone!!!!!!




  • I really enjoy your travel videos, Chris. I understand that the video of your arrival in Alaska is the last one of season 5, but aren’t you going to post any videos of your summer in Alaska? Or will all the videos you post be Tiny Home Tours? I confess that I have little interest in such, but, if that’s the only way that I get my Chris & G fix, then I guess I’ll watch them. 🙂

    I wish you well as you and G change things up and resume your formal education. I become sad when I consider you may make few travel videos in the future, but I am pleased that you are both continuing to grow and change.

    Best wishes to you both and Kobuk! 🙂

    Neal Davis

    • Neal,

      Thanks for stopping by. On our new channel you can see a few videos from us in Alaska this Summer. The videos will be more of a informational side to them and we will film out trip South this year 🙂 The new channel is Chris & G Travels.

  • Hi guys, just had to write and get you to watch a TV commercial for the ground rib burger at Jack in the Box burger chain. It’s been driving me crazy, at the end of the commercial the clown head says yup nailed it. I always new that this was familiar and today it came to me. G’s ending to your past video’s. Almost makes me think he was watching your channel.
    Leaving for a winter in Mexico tomorrow, can’t wait to get on the road.
    From Kelowna BC

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