All About That Poutine! ~ Motorhome Convoy Disbands ~ Alaska Highway Bound ~ S5E19

We wake up early to try a Canadian delicacy, poutine! After searching google maps for the best rated place we take G’s car into down town Prince George and pick some up. We went to Northern Lights and it was awesome! Then the guys hit the road as we stuck around for the remainder of the day and got some work done. Fast forward to the next day we hit the road and fuel up before heading North to the Alaska highway! We run into some small issues before getting finished up but no biggie!


Keto Diet ~ RV Destroyed In Wreck ~ The Early Odds Of Me Living In A RV ~ S5E7

In the morning G goes over our latest eating habits. Since we started this diet I have felt fantastic! Then, we leave our awesome boondocking spot to head North towards Colorado Springs to meet up with one of my old friends. Along the way we passed the worst RV/Car accident I have ever seen. The rig was literally blown apart with gear and pieces thrown everywhere. The truck was caved in on the passenger side and looks as though they would have been ok as long as they had their seatbelts on. Be safe this spring everyone! You think it cannot happen to you but you take one corner too sharp and that is it! We then spend some time with my friend exploring the local area of Colorado Springs.

38.860550, -104.907160

Dangerous Coos Bay Boondocking ~ Cooking Pizza In The RV ~ S3E41

We heard the rv boondocking was amazing close to Coos Bay so we set our sights on going here. However, after some research and info from fellow bloggers, we decided to skip it. The spot we skipped was Bastendorff and I suggest you not visit there until things get sorted there. We then head to Marathon in Coburg Oregon. Lastly, I cook one of our “healthy” rv pizzas. Let me know what you think of this format for G’s future cooking videos!