Whitehorse Supply Run ~ The Best RV Boondocking Spot Ever ~ S5E25

We woke up in our rv boondocking spot to blue skies and sun. We were finally able to see how awesome this little pull off actually was! We spent some time here and headed towards Whitehorse for our last supply run before Alaska. After a quick stop we got back on the road so we could make it to our favorite boondocking spot yet on our travels.


Leaving The Tiny House ~ Norcold RV Fridge Failure ~ A Special Guest Returns ~S5E15

Sorry for the delay! I hope to have new videos every other day from here on out! Lots has been going on behind the scenes and will give an update very soon! Anyway, we take a hike early in the morning and return to a beeping fridge in the RV. I discuss my ankle rehab and G picks up our old friend…Biz! For those who do not know, Biz drove down with us last year from Alaska and is joining us this year!

Tiny House Sleepover ~ Living In A Tiny Home Is Similar To A RV ~ S5E14

This has been a very big year for our plans for tiny houses and 5th wheels. Being able to spend a night in this tiny home was a huge educational experience for G and I. Not only were we able to get a feel for the size, we were also able to try out products like a nature’s head toilet and a toyostove. This was greatly advantageous to our future goals and plans!

You can find this tiny house here https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/717914

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Keto Diet ~ RV Destroyed In Wreck ~ The Early Odds Of Me Living In A RV ~ S5E7

In the morning G goes over our latest eating habits. Since we started this diet I have felt fantastic! Then, we leave our awesome boondocking spot to head North towards Colorado Springs to meet up with one of my old friends. Along the way we passed the worst RV/Car accident I have ever seen. The rig was literally blown apart with gear and pieces thrown everywhere. The truck was caved in on the passenger side and looks as though they would have been ok as long as they had their seatbelts on. Be safe this spring everyone! You think it cannot happen to you but you take one corner too sharp and that is it! We then spend some time with my friend exploring the local area of Colorado Springs.

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Horrible RV Stain ~ Rural Idaho Boondocking ~ Healthy RV Pizza ~ S4E28

Well, it is official, we will be putting in a new floor in the RV! We pack up and head towards our new home for the next few days, Rural Idaho. The drive was awesome and we arrive just in time to cook a pizza, watch an episode of Westworld, then head to bed.


Gorgeous Cassiar Highway Views ~ Healthy RV Dinner ~ S4E12

G had it out for me after I lost my wallet! But it goes to show how nice Canadians are. Actually going through the effort to contact me and then ship my wallet down South! But after using our backup card we fill up the RV and hit the road. This has to be one of my favorite driving sequences ever! Then we find a great place to boondock and cook a nice dinner. This is one of those videos people are either going to love or hate. A lot of the video is driving and cooking with music in the background. And to be honest, when driving the Alcan that is how it goes some days. Lots of driving with snacks in-between.

Pros & Cons Of An Older Tow Car ~ $550 Repair Bill ~ Leaving Anchorage ~ S4E3

If you are considering getting a tow car for your RV this may be a worthwhile video. Looking back, investing in another tow car was just not an option. However, you may not be in that situation. Not only was G’s car older, we also had to do a very specific sequence to tow it. If the sequence is done wrong then we destroy the transmission. Before taking it to the shop I changed the plugs, wires, cap, rotor and ignition coil. But, alas, we make it out of Anchorage.