Health & The Road ~ Spare RV Tire & Rim Rack ~ G Drives & I Fly ~ S4E20


There are tons of RV channels out there now so I hope the one lesson you take from watching us is the importance of staying healthy. I have seen and heard way to many stories of people saving their entire lives to travel (RV or Suitcase) and not be able to do it because they are not healthy enough. Take care of yourselves people! Then I discuss the spare tire rack and how I attached G’s bike to it. Then G gets some driving time in while I fly the drone to get our new exit for our videos. Lastly, we drive into the Portland area to do some exploring.

Gorgeous Cassiar Highway Views ~ Healthy RV Dinner ~ S4E12

G had it out for me after I lost my wallet! But it goes to show how nice Canadians are. Actually going through the effort to contact me and then ship my wallet down South! But after using our backup card we fill up the RV and hit the road. This has to be one of my favorite driving sequences ever! Then we find a great place to boondock and cook a nice dinner. This is one of those videos people are either going to love or hate. A lot of the video is driving and cooking with music in the background. And to be honest, when driving the Alcan that is how it goes some days. Lots of driving with snacks in-between.

Fresh Water Turned Off At The RV Dump Station & And The Search For It ~ S4E9

To be honest, atlas was not made for full time RV life. Especially not made for 3 people and a dog to live in it off the grid. However, other than the fresh water, we were doing ok. The holding tanks were doing well and our Propane usage was not horrible. But dishes and showering for 3 people did take its toll. Being we always down down late and come up early we usually run into the fresh water problem. Once the first freeze comes that is the end of the line for most fresh water stations. Luckily, we found a feed store that allowed us to use their water. We purchased a new leash for Kobuk as well as some treats that he loves!

Getting Sick On The Alcan ~ Terrible Roads ~ Brutal Day Of Driving~ S3E57

Waking up and within an hour feeling horrible is never a good thing. It is an even worse thing if you have a very long and stressful day of driving ahead of you. Luckily, after taking some meds and taking a nap I get to feeling a little better. Later on up the road the roads began to “disintegrate” for a lack of a better word. We slowly progressed and my stomach pain slowly increased. The beautiful scenes along the way made up for it. We finally made it into Beaver Creek late into the night and we were finally able to get some rest.

VERY Embarrassing Moment ~ Traffic Jam Of Fear ~ Worst Flying J Truck Stop ~ S3E47

So, one of the most embarrassing professional moments of my life happened during this video… Then we talk about why we love the Portland area and cant wait to go back. Thanks again to Roadmaster for having us as well! The videos from here and Marithon will be posted during the summer as our “tour Saturday” post. We will be posting rv tours and factory tours for all of you to check out! Then we head North towards one of our good friends house in Spokane Washington. While on the way there we stop at the worst Flying J we have ever seen in our entire lives!