Free RV Camping Review & Location ~ Signal Road ~ Central Arizona

G and I stopped off here on our way down to Arizona. I needed to get some work done so G headed out the next morning for Tuscan while I stayed behind with the RV and Kobuk. I needed a remote location with decent cell reception and sun…this place had both! I had a great time here and highly suggest it to anyone passing through. Just remember, like mentioned in the video, you will be hardpressed to find many supplies nearby.

34.603988, -113.544202

Keto Diet ~ RV Destroyed In Wreck ~ The Early Odds Of Me Living In A RV ~ S5E7

In the morning G goes over our latest eating habits. Since we started this diet I have felt fantastic! Then, we leave our awesome boondocking spot to head North towards Colorado Springs to meet up with one of my old friends. Along the way we passed the worst RV/Car accident I have ever seen. The rig was literally blown apart with gear and pieces thrown everywhere. The truck was caved in on the passenger side and looks as though they would have been ok as long as they had their seatbelts on. Be safe this spring everyone! You think it cannot happen to you but you take one corner too sharp and that is it! We then spend some time with my friend exploring the local area of Colorado Springs.

38.860550, -104.907160

Valley Of Fire State Park ~ Saying Goodbye To Fred ~ Waterfront RV Boondocking ~ S4E35

We start our day by heading into Valley Of Fire State Park. If you happen to boondock or travel through this area we highly suggest it. The hiking trails were short but amazing to experience. Then, we go into the next day where we leave fred, dump our tanks and scout out our new home base for the next week or so.


Morning Run ~ Restocking In Mountain Home ~ New RV Under Bay Heater ~ S4E29

This, like many of our RV boondocking spots, was amazing! The sunrise was one of the best I had seen in a while. The steam coming off of the water was gorgeous and the run afterwords was just as good. After showering, we head into town to restock on supplies and I gather some gear to try a new underbay heating option.


G Returns ~ Lacamas Trail Run ~ Preparing The Laundry ~ S4E21

After a few days of getting work done at roadmaster G arrived back to the RV. She was away throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend of hers in California. Fuzz and I head to the airport to pick her up and Kobuk about had a panic attack when he saw her again…it was only a few days! Then we get some running in on an awesome trail. What did you think of the sequence? Was it cool seeing the local area or no? Then we head back to the rv, shower and get ready to get some laundry done. Also, from now on, I think I may post the boondock review videos on Saturday from now on…even if there are multiple videos.


Race Day ~ Kobuk Crashes The Race ~ Food & Back To Seward ~ MT3

We wake up early to head over to downtown Anchorage so the girls could start their race! Shorty after the race started I headed close to the midway point to cheer them on. Kobuk pulled so hard on the leash that he pulled it out from under my feet and greeted G on the course! It was super embarrassing but we had no casualties. Then we had dinner with Bri and her family before heading back to Seward.

What Is A Race Expo? ~ $$$ & YouTube ~ Alaska RV Boondocking Politics ~ MT2

It wasn’t until G and I were together for a year did I know or understand what a race expo was. It is basically a way for companies to show their latest gear to their target audience. In other words, it is smart marketing and G eats it up! Haha. Then I discuss a video I saw on YouTube and how I completely agree with it. Later in the video I discuss how politics and greed has been playing a role in boondocking here in Alaska.

Heading To The Her Tern Half Marathon ~ Cabela’s RV Boondocking ~ MT1

MT =’s Marathon Trip. So, we headed to Anchorage for the weekend for G and Bri’s half marathon put on by a local running store called Skinny Raven. We were lucky and found a spot to boondock at the local Cabela’s after realizing the parking lot was totally packed. Then we headed out for a quick and rare dinner at the Spenard Roadhouse

New Outlook On RV Problems ~ Biggest RV Investment ~ Water Pump Maintenance & Installation ~ S1E41

Before getting our RV I did very small projects myself. For whatever reason when I tried to work on something I would only make it worse. When we got the RV I started out with the same mentality but quickly learned that you can not look at it that way. If you took the rv in every time something broke you yourself would end up broke! Fixing this RV water pump was a great feeling!