All About That Poutine! ~ Motorhome Convoy Disbands ~ Alaska Highway Bound ~ S5E19

We wake up early to try a Canadian delicacy, poutine! After searching google maps for the best rated place we take G’s car into down town Prince George and pick some up. We went to Northern Lights and it was awesome! Then the guys hit the road as we stuck around for the remainder of the day and got some work done. Fast forward to the next day we hit the road and fuel up before heading North to the Alaska highway! We run into some small issues before getting finished up but no biggie!


Our Motorhome Is Falling Apart ~ Buying Parts Before Canada ~ New RV Shower Setup ~ S5E16

I don’t know if Biz is back luck or what, but things are starting to break down on our RV! In this video the mattress fails, the steps get worse, the fridge continues to act up and the shower falls off of for the last time! When we get to Bellingham, WA I take the shower out and install a shower curtain setup. Thus far, I much prefer the shower curtain!


Our RV Windshield Is Toast ~ Bridge Of Fear ~ Kobuk’s Newest Toy ~ S5E13

We leave our boondocking spot after a few days of work and head to the big town of Missoula, Montana. We get a giant rock chip on our windshield that completely ruined our camera location. Out windshield is so beat up at the moment that we do not even bother to fill in the crack… After arriving in town we almost skim 3 inches from our roof and Kobuk gets a new toy. Enjoy!

<h4 style=”text-align: center;”>46.836188,-114.036910</h4>

Our New Free RV Camp ~ Procrastination Sucks ~ Packed In For A Snow Storm ~ S5E10

Exploring this nearly abandoned area was really fun! I love checking out new places to camp in our RV. Once I get the RV setup I get ready to change the oil in the generator before the snow comes in. This is important because it was going to get very cold overnight and I REALLY didn’t want to have our pipes burst.


G Heads Home ~ Kobuk & I Take The RV To The Utah Mountains ~ S5E9

After a morning working at the truck stop we head West towards Utah. As I had hoped, the weather decided to cooperate and and we get some great views through Wyoming. Then, after hanging out with some friends in Salt Lake G heads home and Kobuk and I head to the mountains of Utah. I make a small mistake by ONLY looking at the current weather. I had no idea that it had dumped feet of snow earlier


Rv Life In Central Colorado ~ Utah Bound ~ Truck Stop Boondocking ~ S5E8

Our RV fridge has been acting up so I contacted and he mentioned cleaning the burner. I used 91% rubbing alcohol and hoped it did the trick. Then, after leaving the Walmart, we headed over to a rest area to get some work done and figure out where we would head next. We still had no idea if we wanted to head North West through Idaho or Montana, time will tell. Then, late at night, we get a quick dinner before pushing forward onto the small town/truck stop called Little America.


RV Pipes Frozen AGAIN ~ New Heating Gear ~ Christmas In The RV ~ S4E32

It turns out the 100w light was just not enough for the extreme cold that was heading our way. This time, it appeared as though the water pump itself froze up. We then head into Morgan, UT to pick up some new gear in hopes of preventing this from happening again. Then G gets the RV ready for Christmas time!


Caught In Snow Showers ~ Very Lucky RV Boondocking Spot ~ S4E30

Our time spent near Mountain Home was very productive! I got tons of editing done while G was hard at work on her school work. I wish we would have spent more time exploring the area than working but that is the way it goes sometimes! We hit the road towards Utah with weather reports showing it would not snow until the next morning, this obviously was not the case. We hit some snow then get better weather only to find more snow up the road. Luckily, we find an awesome boondocking spot behind a gas station. The next morning we took this road to our new spot and let me tell you, this spot was a blessing for sure!