Our RV Windshield Is Toast ~ Bridge Of Fear ~ Kobuk’s Newest Toy ~ S5E13

We leave our boondocking spot after a few days of work and head to the big town of Missoula, Montana. We get a giant rock chip on our windshield that completely ruined our camera location. Out windshield is so beat up at the moment that we do not even bother to fill in the crack… After arriving in town we almost skim 3 inches from our roof and Kobuk gets a new toy. Enjoy!

<h4 style=”text-align: center;”>46.836188,-114.036910</h4>

A Great RV Boondocking Spot ~ Expensive Alcan Fuel ~ Fort Nelson, BC ~ S3E54

The Pink Mountain Motor Inn is an awesome spot for anyone traveling the Alcan to boondock at. I really wish we had more time while traveling North to hang out there a few days and decompress. But, we had to continue on the road. Also, I do know I should have looked up the gas prices while at the Pink Mountain Inn but I assumed it would be cheaper up North… we know what assuming goes, right? Then we finish this video in the town of Fort Nelson. Also, on a side note, does anyone else notice that the really rude comments, not the constructive criticism, but the obviously rude comments start this time of year? I am guessing people are upset because they are not out exploring when they want to be…thoughts on this?

Full Time RV Budget ~ $75 A Day Goal ~ Week 4 Results

Well, we went a little over this week. Spending this much is not good but we had two big purchases that will not be happening again for a long time. New house batteries and an oil change. It turns out the batteries I gave bones were better than the new one ones I bought! But, that is all for the better. If he gets some good use out of them then good! Also, I could have just checked the readout on the display of the solar kit to see where my batteries where. By the time I realized this the swap had already happened. I guess that is what happens when you are either exploring, driving or editing all day every day!

Full Time RV Budget ~ $75 A Day Goal ~ Week 3 Results

Even though we have adjusted our budget this Spring we are still finding ways to stay well below our budget. If we were using last years $50 a day budget we will still be doing pretty well! I honestly think the number 1 thing we are doing different is not paying for any dump stations or camp grounds. Also, gas is fairly cheap at the moment!