Tiny House Sleepover ~ Living In A Tiny Home Is Similar To A RV ~ S5E14

This has been a very big year for our plans for tiny houses and 5th wheels. Being able to spend a night in this tiny home was a huge educational experience for G and I. Not only were we able to get a feel for the size, we were also able to try out products like a nature’s head toilet and a toyostove. This was greatly advantageous to our future goals and plans!

You can find this tiny house here https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/717914

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Our RV Windshield Is Toast ~ Bridge Of Fear ~ Kobuk’s Newest Toy ~ S5E13

We leave our boondocking spot after a few days of work and head to the big town of Missoula, Montana. We get a giant rock chip on our windshield that completely ruined our camera location. Out windshield is so beat up at the moment that we do not even bother to fill in the crack… After arriving in town we almost skim 3 inches from our roof and Kobuk gets a new toy. Enjoy!

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Rv Life In Central Colorado ~ Utah Bound ~ Truck Stop Boondocking ~ S5E8

Our RV fridge has been acting up so I contacted thenorcoldguy.com and he mentioned cleaning the burner. I used 91% rubbing alcohol and hoped it did the trick. Then, after leaving the Walmart, we headed over to a rest area to get some work done and figure out where we would head next. We still had no idea if we wanted to head North West through Idaho or Montana, time will tell. Then, late at night, we get a quick dinner before pushing forward onto the small town/truck stop called Little America.


Montana Bound ~ Closed Boondocking Spot ~ Waterfront Free Camp ~ S5E12

We wake up early at our truck stop boondocking location and hit the road North towards Montana. We travel through some amazing countryside to get to a closed boondocking spot. I must have missed it on the site or it was not listed…either one stunk! So, we jump online and I find another boondocking spot along the water so we went to investigate.