Big Heat Lamp Mistake ~ Beautiful & Dangerous Drive ~ RV Movie Setup ~ S5E21

The phone I have been filming with over the last 3 years is a Samsung Note 4. And, while on the road this year, it has been letting me down! I didn’t get any footage from our drive in as my phone decided to stop recording video for no reason!

But anyway, the night before we got in late and it was snowing fairly heavily. We had to pull over to a rest area because it was getting so bad. We wake up the next morning and we get the official introduction to biz and I share the dumb move I pulled the night before. Then we get underway and stop at Fort Nelson. As many of you know and I have replied, these videos are delayed. This was early in the summer when it was still fairly cold and the water was shut off at most places. With that said, I had to bargain with the RV park across the street to let us fill fresh water. After get filled up we hit some more snow. It was a gorgeous drive for certain. But, it was also a stressful one. Thankfully, we made it safely to our next boondocking spot and share how we setup movies in the rig!


New Stickers At The Signpost Forest ~ Our Angry Canadian Experience ~ S5E23

We get an early start and hit the road out of the Liard Hot Springs area towards Watson Lake. Watson Lake is most notably known for the Signpost Forest. We have a few license plates there and refreshed a few of our Chris & G Travels stickers with new ones. We will be giving these out when we do our first Mailtime Monday in Alaska! Then we head further up the road as we were trying to make it to Whitehorse. I started getting fatigued and decided it would be best to pull over at a pulloff for the night.


Whitehorse Supply Run ~ The Best RV Boondocking Spot Ever ~ S5E25

We woke up in our rv boondocking spot to blue skies and sun. We were finally able to see how awesome this little pull off actually was! We spent some time here and headed towards Whitehorse for our last supply run before Alaska. After a quick stop we got back on the road so we could make it to our favorite boondocking spot yet on our travels.


All About That Poutine! ~ Motorhome Convoy Disbands ~ Alaska Highway Bound ~ S5E19

We wake up early to try a Canadian delicacy, poutine! After searching google maps for the best rated place we take G’s car into down town Prince George and pick some up. We went to Northern Lights and it was awesome! Then the guys hit the road as we stuck around for the remainder of the day and got some work done. Fast forward to the next day we hit the road and fuel up before heading North to the Alaska highway! We run into some small issues before getting finished up but no biggie!


Canadian Firearm Oddity ~ RV Convoy ~ Casino Losses & Boondocking ~ S5E18

We finally get our RV into Canada for our trip up to Alaska! We gas up beforehand as fuel is WAY cheaper within the lower 48. While crossing, we have weird experience with our firearm but everything turned out ok. Then we meet up with our Convoy and head North. If you love scenery videos, this one is for you! Lots of driving through amazing Canadian landscapes. Then, we finally make it to Prince George where you meet our convoy members and we (I) lose some $$$.


More RV Problems & Repairs ~ G’s Hand Injury ~ Asked To Leave Walmart ~ S5E17

The new shower for our RV turned out pretty good! I am glad I went with this mod and I am currently keeping an eye out for a curved shower curtain. It is never fun taking a shower in the cold and having the cold curtain stick to you! Also, to continue our string of bad luck with the RV, our door jack mount decided to rip off. Then I meed up with bones, check out that interview here ~


Leaving The Tiny House ~ Norcold RV Fridge Failure ~ A Special Guest Returns ~S5E15

Sorry for the delay! I hope to have new videos every other day from here on out! Lots has been going on behind the scenes and will give an update very soon! Anyway, we take a hike early in the morning and return to a beeping fridge in the RV. I discuss my ankle rehab and G picks up our old friend…Biz! For those who do not know, Biz drove down with us last year from Alaska and is joining us this year!

G Returns ~ Alpine Tiny Home Shoot ~ RV Life In Utah ~ S5E11

Kobes and I enjoy our last evening RVing in the mountains of Utah before heading back down to pick G up from the airport. We quickly get ready and head over to Alpine Tiny Homes to shoot their Teton model…we loved this thing. Then we get the RV ready and head North. We get a much later start, like always, and end up having to pull off and boondock sooner than we had hoped.


Meeting Duet Justus ~ Exploring Fort Collins ~ New Belgium Brewing ~ S5E7

Duet Justus’s RV Channel ~
We say goodbye to our Colorado Springs friends and head North to meet up with fellow RV travel vloggers. The next morning Kobuk and I hike while G gets a run in. After our outdoor time we spend some time at New Belgium Brewing where they made me (Chris) a fanboy for life. It didn’t hurt that Josh got us some free beer after the tour. As stated in this video, if you enjoy beer do yourself a favor, Do. This. Tour!


Shipping Container Home Filming ~ Free RV Boondocking In Oklahoma ~ S5E1

We start the new Season of Fulltime RV travel outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. Check this link to see where Cowskin Bay is located The day before we had filmed with a company called Modern Blox. The manufacture shipping container homes and they had invited us to lunch. After a quick interview, we get ready to hit the road and stop off at a local State Park to dump our tanks and fill our drinking water.