Biz Drives The RV ~ Liard Hotsprings ~ Our Survivalism Gear ~ S5E22

The drive in with the RV was tough but waking up to this amazing spot was great! I get the drone up in the morning and a plan forms for a cool video. After some breakfast and planning, Biz drives the RV over the bridge for an epic shot! Sadly, watching the drone and the road made the video a little glitchy on my end, but I think it turned out ok. Then we continue onto Liard and spend the night there. Later in the night we discuss an idea we have been discussing on the road. It started out as a “what would we need to survive”. It turned into how long could we last and what would we bring with us. Enjoy!


Boondocking Over RV Parks ~ Maxwell Refuge ~ Weboost RV4G Field Test ~ S5E6

We leave Santa Fe early in the morning and head North towards Colorado. We find a free boondocking spot at Maxell Refuge and I get to test out our new Weboost RV4G Cell Phone Booster.


Hope Alaska History ~ Cooking Salmon Dinner ~ Weboost Eqo Test Results

I know it is a bit odd to have me give the oral history of a place but it has been very difficult to get things lined up this summer. We explored the small town of hope and sat at the bar and had a beer while watching the sunset over the Turnagain Arm. Then, we have an awesome sockeye salmon dinner with veggies! The video picks up again the next morning as we leave the camp ground and I give the results of the Weboost Eco. If you are interested in purchasing an Eqo be sure to check out the link below! This product has worked for us thus far. However, please note test for this product is not completed. I plan to have over 20 test locations before summers end.