Waiting On A Woman ~ Kobuk Sees His First Bear ~ Arriving At Liard Hot Springs ~ S3E55

Taxes go to EXACTLY what you personally want them to go to…right? We leave Fort Nelson and head towards Liard Hotsprings. Liard is one of the best places to stop if you are heading North or South along the Alcan. The opportunity to stop and soak up the scenery and the calming hot water is amazing after driving/riding all day. On our way to this amazing location Kobuk sees his first bear we drive ALL day to get there.

BTW, I personally think this driving sequence was my favorite thus far to date. What are you all thinking of the driving sequences? I personally love editing them even though it takes forever to do so. Do you like them in the videos or are you over it?

Gorgeous RV Park Sunrise ~ Tinhorn Creek Vineyards ~ Lake Paddle Boarding ~ S3E49

Sooo, with all of the footage we have been shooting of the RV trip up to Alaska I may have forgot about some footage from the night before. However, the sunrise the morning after was amazing! Then, we headed over to Tinhorn Creek Winery and hung out there for most of the day. After the days festivities we headed back to the RV park and played on the paddle board before cooking dinner in the RV.

Early Morning Run W/ Kobuk ~ Arriving In Portland ~ Plans To Film At Roadmaster ~ s3e45

We woke up early and ran off some of the beer from the evening before. I attached the GoPro mount to kobuk and got some awesome footage! (Be sure to check out the extra video I link to this video) Then we get all set up and start to head towards Portland. We made plans to park at Roadmaster and do some filming while we were in the area. We get set up outside of their facility and call it an evening!

Better RV MPG ~ Bringing A Gun Into Canada ~ Apple Beach RV Park ~ S3E48

We spent a few days with our very good friends Savannah and Mandy in Spokane. It has become a staple on our travel to Alaska and love hanging out with them! I begin this video a little outside of Spokane where we began our trip into Canada. We got some great news regarding our MPG. I think it was a combination of not giving the RV so much gas and flatter terrain. Regarding the gun situation. You are able to bring certain weapons into Canada. You can check on their website at http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/fs-fd/visit-visite-eng.htm. I filed the non-resident firearm declaration that costs $25. With that you can enter the country three (3) times without paying the Fee. Both times I had that form from the previous entry I did not get searched. This was the first time not getting searched entering Canada from the lower 48 in 4 years! Then we make our way North to the city of Oliver where we stopped at an rv park to dump our tanks and fill our fresh water. It was called Apple Beach RV park but it has new owners and they be changing the name as I cant find it on Google anymore…

RV Brake System Diagnosed ~ Best Doughnuts In Portland ~ Exploring Portland ~ S3E46

We finally are able to visit the city we have been trying to visit for years now, Portland! Without a tow car for the RV visiting this city has been impossible. We couldn’t find a park that had access to downtown. Being that we parked at ‪Roadmaster‬ and had a tow car we were able to visit and G was able to get her doughnuts! Click this link to listen to the street performers song from the end of the video. https://youtu.be/YKPpsZRN_co

A Full Day Of Filming Prevost Coaches ~ Kobuk Makes Progress In The Kennel ~ S3E42

It was such a great opportunity to come and film coaches at Marathon in Coburg, Oregon! In this video we discuss the trials of trying to film and work with a pup that has separation anxiety. We have been working with him by returning and coming back for short periods so today was his big test. Regardless, we had a full day make plans to film the next morning!