Amazing Free Boondocking Spot ~ Living Status Of 3 People Living In Our RV ~ S4E7

Out of the two years of boondocking this has to be the best free boondocking spot we ever stopped at. I could see us staying here for over a week if it was the summer months. I personally could have stayed here a week with the current weather conditions. We get set up and have dinner by the fire. As we sat by the fire we saw the best Northern Lights show I have ever seen. Such a great spot!



  • Hi Chris & G, Jim & Toni here. 70yo’s from upstate NY. We 5th wheel about 10 months a year, volunteering at state parks or COE parks.
    Couple things I wanted to contribute ;
    I use clampon, hooded light bulbs in my undercarriage in real cold weather. Even night light bulbs put out lots of heat in a small area.
    On your black tank, after emptying put about 5 gal of water in. It will slosh around and clean your sensors. I heard you say they were inaccurate. They’re a constant problem at best.
    We’re still home till Thanksgiving . Then we’re running south for warmth on our way to Texas for Christmas.
    Stay healthy, good luck to you both.

    • Thanks for the info Jim! I actually just found a winning combination for our rig regarding the heating lights. I hope you had a safe trip South and enjoy the weather!

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