Morning Run ~ Restocking In Mountain Home ~ New RV Under Bay Heater ~ S4E29

This, like many of our RV boondocking spots, was amazing! The sunrise was one of the best I had seen in a while. The steam coming off of the water was gorgeous and the run afterwords was just as good. After showering, we head into town to restock on supplies and I gather some gear to try a new underbay heating option.


G Returns ~ Lacamas Trail Run ~ Preparing The Laundry ~ S4E21

After a few days of getting work done at roadmaster G arrived back to the RV. She was away throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend of hers in California. Fuzz and I head to the airport to pick her up and Kobuk about had a panic attack when he saw her again…it was only a few days! Then we get some running in on an awesome trail. What did you think of the sequence? Was it cool seeing the local area or no? Then we head back to the rv, shower and get ready to get some laundry done. Also, from now on, I think I may post the boondock review videos on Saturday from now on…even if there are multiple videos.