Horrible RV Stain ~ Rural Idaho Boondocking ~ Healthy RV Pizza ~ S4E28

Well, it is official, we will be putting in a new floor in the RV! We pack up and head towards our new home for the next few days, Rural Idaho. The drive was awesome and we arrive just in time to cook a pizza, watch an episode of Westworld, then head to bed.


Leaving Bend ~ Arriving At & Exploring Crystal Crane Hot Springs ~S4E27

Sadly, we leave our RV boondocking spot outside of Bend. I learn a lesson about Bend, its Gas Stations are Tiny! We then head to Crystal Crane Hot Springs and do some exploring.


Free RV Boondocking Review ~ Threemile Canyon ~ Northeastern Oregon

Our annual trip to Alaska usually takes us through Spokane, Washington. With that said, we are always on the lookout for free boondocking spots on our way to and from there. While searching online I found this Gem of a location that we had all to ourselves!


Dolly Vs. Flat Towing ~ RV Battery Testing ~ Exploring Bend ~ S4E25

I have noticed a lot of comments mentioning the pro’s and con’s of flat towing vs dolly towing. It seems as though people have their camp and are sticking with it. The one thing that influenced me was someone in the industry rv trying to set a tow dolly and laughing when I said some people say tow dollies are easier. He was red faced and sweaty and looked at me and said they had no idea what they were talking about. I, for one, have had no problems with my 4 on the floor setup. Backing up has not been a problem but binding has been…that is because I have a cheaper tow bar. Anyway…we head into Bend. And no, we did not go rock climbing. Exploring and relaxing took priority. Then I discuss how going with the flow in regards to eating is key for my sanity and end the day with a supply run and a “good” rating for our cranking battery.


Arriving & Filming At Marathon Coach ~ Halibut RV Dinner ~ S4E23

I am not sure if you could tell or not…but we are pretty obsessed with the Pacific North West. Portland is an amazing city and I wish everyone reading this could experience it. But, it was time to hit the road and we got ahold of our friends at Marathon coach and lined up a shoot. Once arriving G headed to the store while I got caught up on some online work. It certainly is nice having full hookups!


Great Food, Ice Cream & People ~ Exploring Portland Oregon ~ S4E22

After taking a day off from editing and filming we explore the amazing city of Portland. We start our day by visiting the Hawthorn District and getting some amazing food. After walking around Hawthorn we head over to the Pearl District and G gets some running cloths shopping done. We finish our day in the Knob Hill district for some awesome ice cream and a drink while we wait on traffic to die down. And yes, G was in charge of filming today. Sorry for any motion sickness that may have occurred!