Exploring Naramata Wine Country ~ Salmon Dinner In The RV ~ S4E17

Waking up to rainy/cloudy weather was definitely not in the plans. Regardless, we put on our thermal gear and head out for a day of exploring. This day for definitely for Biz & G. This would be the last time they would be together exploring a new area like this for a while. I played DD for the day while they sipped wine and Kobuk and I sat outside and enjoyed the amazing countryside. Between everyone reading this and me…I enjoyed the quit time. Then we headed back to the RV to cook some Silver salmon I caught right before hitting the road. And of course, we had to sample some of the wine from the days adventures.

Exploring Alaska Salmon Fest 2016 ~ Do NOT Drive Your RV In A Wet Field! SFT 2

We LOVED salmon fest! This video is actually two days that I spliced together to make one video. BTW, what do you all think of the voice over videos. I felt like with this type of music event it was the best way to show our time here. Then, when we parked in the field the entry way was solid grass, by the time we left it was a mud bog. The spot you will see us leave JUST opened up that morning. I ran back to the rv and got everything packed and we made our daring escape!

RV Newbie Experience ~ Chilly Root Farm ~ Grilled Sockeye Salmon

After an amazing egg scramble breakfast with purple potatoes we headed back to twin sisters to grab a coffee. Afterwords, we headed over to Chilly Root Farm for a quick tour. If G and I ever get land up here in Alaska we are for sure getting a high tunnel greenhouse! Afterwords I try my hand at grilling salmon and it turned out amazing

Heading To The Her Tern Half Marathon ~ Cabela’s RV Boondocking ~ MT1

MT =’s Marathon Trip. So, we headed to Anchorage for the weekend for G and Bri’s half marathon put on by a local running store called Skinny Raven. We were lucky and found a spot to boondock at the local Cabela’s after realizing the parking lot was totally packed. Then we headed out for a quick and rare dinner at the Spenard Roadhouse