Leaving Anchorage ~ Gorgeous RV Drive To Seward ~ Season 3 Final Episode! ~ S3E59

Well….this is it folks. We are officially retiring from YouTube!!! 🙁

Just kidding. We make our way down south to our new home for the summer, Seward. I have traveled many places in my lifetime but Seward is honestly one of the best all around places I have ever visited in my entire life! The drive down was great and I loved the driving sequence as the songs that fit with it fit very well! The end section is something both G and I really mean. All of those who support us with your positivity truly keep us going on the road. It feels as though we have SO many behind us and it helps a lot! Live Q&A coming soon!

Back In ALASKA ~ 7.9 MPG In Our RV ~ Free Boondocking In Anchorage ~ S3E58

We wake up from our free boondocking spot in Beaver Creek and I feel MUCH MUCH better! We then get all set up and head over to the US border control. We show him our Canadian Firearm Declaration and Kobuk’s rabies papers and we are on our way. We stop off in Tok and we get some of that cheap US gas again and I do the math to find out we got 7.9 MPG! Also, on a side note, do you think that car was trying to get me to hit him? That has never happened before and still has not happened since. Then we make it into Anchorage where we boondock at the local Cabela’s.

Getting Sick On The Alcan ~ Terrible Roads ~ Brutal Day Of Driving~ S3E57

Waking up and within an hour feeling horrible is never a good thing. It is an even worse thing if you have a very long and stressful day of driving ahead of you. Luckily, after taking some meds and taking a nap I get to feeling a little better. Later on up the road the roads began to “disintegrate” for a lack of a better word. We slowly progressed and my stomach pain slowly increased. The beautiful scenes along the way made up for it. We finally made it into Beaver Creek late into the night and we were finally able to get some rest.

Drone Flight Over Liard HotSprings ~ The Signpost Forrest ~ Whitehorse YT ~ S3E56

A lot was covered in this Fulltime RV vlog! However, I first want to thank Wyatt Draycott for providing me with the awesome drone footage after I emailed him. It turned out great! We start our day by relaxing in the Hot Springs to find out we have a MUCH longer day than anticipated. But, we still stop over at Watson Lake and check out the Sign Post Forrest on our way North. We then take a beautiful drive to Whitehorse, YT and boondock at the Walmart there.

Waiting On A Woman ~ Kobuk Sees His First Bear ~ Arriving At Liard Hot Springs ~ S3E55

Taxes go to EXACTLY what you personally want them to go to…right? We leave Fort Nelson and head towards Liard Hotsprings. Liard is one of the best places to stop if you are heading North or South along the Alcan. The opportunity to stop and soak up the scenery and the calming hot water is amazing after driving/riding all day. On our way to this amazing location Kobuk sees his first bear we drive ALL day to get there.

BTW, I personally think this driving sequence was my favorite thus far to date. What are you all thinking of the driving sequences? I personally love editing them even though it takes forever to do so. Do you like them in the videos or are you over it?

A Great RV Boondocking Spot ~ Expensive Alcan Fuel ~ Fort Nelson, BC ~ S3E54

The Pink Mountain Motor Inn is an awesome spot for anyone traveling the Alcan to boondock at. I really wish we had more time while traveling North to hang out there a few days and decompress. But, we had to continue on the road. Also, I do know I should have looked up the gas prices while at the Pink Mountain Inn but I assumed it would be cheaper up North… we know what assuming goes, right? Then we finish this video in the town of Fort Nelson. Also, on a side note, does anyone else notice that the really rude comments, not the constructive criticism, but the obviously rude comments start this time of year? I am guessing people are upset because they are not out exploring when they want to be…thoughts on this?

Dirty Cheating Liar! ~ Dawson Creek, BC ~ Lied To About Gas Availability ~ S3E53

It has been a while since the last post. Lets just say our WiFi connection has not been good the last couple days! But we wake up from one of our favorite Walmart Boondocking spots and head towards Dawson Creek. On other words, we will be doing the Alcan Highway this trip North. We do a quick little tour of the town and head to the Pink Mountain area to get some fuel and rest up for the night. However, once we get there we find ourselves in a not so great situation.

Canadian Sign Road Trip Game ~ Declined Gas Card ~ Walmart Boondocking Spot ~ S3E52

Driving the Alcan Highway in your RV can be a long process. So, we created a really fun game that passes the time! However, as you can tell from the video, we still had to hash out some of the rules as we drove North. Then, I find out that the only card I had planned to use for the entire trip up North was disabled due to a miscommunication. That was a cold sweat moment…. After we get fuel we get ready for our long drive to Prince George. All the while G and I play our new favorite game. I wonder what we should call the game? We end our day in the Walmart parking lot of Prince George, BC.

Beautiful Free Boondocking ~ Tow Car Light Malfunction ~ Multiple Roadside RV Fixes ~ S3E51

Well, as you can see from the video, our free RV boondocking spot was amazing! We happened to be around during some GREAT weather and I got some pretty cool footage in the morning. I was riding that high until I noticed the brake lights on the car were not working. After spending about an hour and a half chasing down the problem I finally found out it was the cable that goes from the rv to the car… We then hit the road only to be stopped again by a mistake a made while checking fuses.

Alcan VS. Cassiar ~ Running In Peachland, BC ~ Free RV Boondocking ~ S3E50

We wake up early once again at the RV park but this time it is not for filming, it is for the drive we have ahead of us. We wanted to get a run in one of our favorite stops in BC, Peachland. After a quick run we hit the road to the city of Kamloops…well the outskirts of town. There is a boondocking spot we always stop at that has an amazing few (will be in the next episode) Thanks for watching everyone!!!!!!!