RV Workamping ~ Alaska Sea Life Center ~ Live & Work From Your RV

Over the last two years G and I are been very fortunate to be a part of the Sea Life Center. We have been given a RV spot on Resurrection Bay with water and electric in exchange for hours at the center. It has been an awesome experience and if you are currently searching for a work camping spot in Alaska be sure to check out! http://www.alaskasealife.org/

RV Work Camping In Alaska ~ Kenai River Stream Watch ~ Black Bear Search

If you are planning an Alaskan Summer in your RV I highly suggest you look into this program! After some breakfast and a beautiful drive to the Russian River campground I start my day on the water. We interacted with man guests and stopped by a berry patch to get a quick snack! We then clean up a remote fishing location and see some HUGE king salmon. Later, we make it to the weir.

Work Camping In Alaska ~ Kenai River Stream Watch Program ~ Trip 1 Part 3

It is always a hard sell whipping out your camera and filming without really knowing someone. After getting to know Bruce and speaking with him I felt comfortable getting the camera out and showing a little bit of what we did along the river. Once I got the camera out Bruce was all for it! For the amount of time we were down there and knowing the trash was just picked up the day before, we got a TON of stuff from the river!

Work Camping In Alaska ~ Kenai River Stream Watch Program ~ Trip 1 Part 2

It was an honor when Brook asked if I wanted some second hand fishing gear from her late father. She gave us the gear this Fall when we visited on our way to Arizona. I figured with the amount of people we invited up and friends we already knew here, any extra fishing gear would be a good thing! Then I discuss the fishing technique here at the Russian River. If it doesn’t make any sense yet, do not worry, I will be showing it in tomorrows video. Then we make some awesome burgers, thanks again Autumn! Finally, after some mix up’s, I am finally heading over to put some hours in with the Stream Watch Program

Work Camping In Alaska ~ Kenai River Stream Watch Program ~ Trip 1 Part 1

The Kenai Stream Watch Program is an amazing program to look into if you are going to be spending time in Alaska during the summer. I will be uploading a detailed video about this program later. However, I wanted to give you an idea of a typical trip before I do so. With this program you get an awesome spot for free and have a prime location for fishing! Over the next three days I will be posting about our experience here.