Meeting Duet Justus ~ Exploring Fort Collins ~ New Belgium Brewing ~ S5E7

Duet Justus’s RV Channel ~
We say goodbye to our Colorado Springs friends and head North to meet up with fellow RV travel vloggers. The next morning Kobuk and I hike while G gets a run in. After our outdoor time we spend some time at New Belgium Brewing where they made me (Chris) a fanboy for life. It didn’t hurt that Josh got us some free beer after the tour. As stated in this video, if you enjoy beer do yourself a favor, Do. This. Tour!


Keto Diet ~ RV Destroyed In Wreck ~ The Early Odds Of Me Living In A RV ~ S5E7

In the morning G goes over our latest eating habits. Since we started this diet I have felt fantastic! Then, we leave our awesome boondocking spot to head North towards Colorado Springs to meet up with one of my old friends. Along the way we passed the worst RV/Car accident I have ever seen. The rig was literally blown apart with gear and pieces thrown everywhere. The truck was caved in on the passenger side and looks as though they would have been ok as long as they had their seatbelts on. Be safe this spring everyone! You think it cannot happen to you but you take one corner too sharp and that is it! We then spend some time with my friend exploring the local area of Colorado Springs.

38.860550, -104.907160

Boondocking Over RV Parks ~ Maxwell Refuge ~ Weboost RV4G Field Test ~ S5E6

We leave Santa Fe early in the morning and head North towards Colorado. We find a free boondocking spot at Maxell Refuge and I get to test out our new Weboost RV4G Cell Phone Booster.


Montana Bound ~ Closed Boondocking Spot ~ Waterfront Free Camp ~ S5E12

We wake up early at our truck stop boondocking location and hit the road North towards Montana. We travel through some amazing countryside to get to a closed boondocking spot. I must have missed it on the site or it was not listed…either one stunk! So, we jump online and I find another boondocking spot along the water so we went to investigate.


Arriving In Santa Fe ~ Tiny Home Shoot ~ Our RV Shower Door Falls Off ~ S5E4

We wake up early from our free RV Park and hit the road towards Santa Fe New Mexico. While on the way our shower door decides it no longer wants to do its duty. We get the filming shoot done then I get to work on our sneaky shower door.


Hunting Shipping Container Shoot ~ Hubbard Creek Free RV Boondocking ~ S5E2

We start our morning boondocking in a Walmart Parking lot. After eating some breakfast we hit the road towards Graham, Texas. We shot an awesome container home that is mostly purchased by hunters with remote property. Then, after the shoot we search and find Hubbard Creek Reservoir for boondocking.


Shipping Container Home Filming ~ Free RV Boondocking In Oklahoma ~ S5E1

We start the new Season of Fulltime RV travel outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. Check this link to see where Cowskin Bay is located The day before we had filmed with a company called Modern Blox. The manufacture shipping container homes and they had invited us to lunch. After a quick interview, we get ready to hit the road and stop off at a local State Park to dump our tanks and fill our drinking water.


Valley Of Fire State Park ~ Saying Goodbye To Fred ~ Waterfront RV Boondocking ~ S4E35

We start our day by heading into Valley Of Fire State Park. If you happen to boondock or travel through this area we highly suggest it. The hiking trails were short but amazing to experience. Then, we go into the next day where we leave fred, dump our tanks and scout out our new home base for the next week or so.


Atlas The RV Gets A Bath ~ Arriving At Snowbird Mesa BLM Campground ~ S4E34

So, just to clear up the confusion in Bend, we were not able to get the RV in the narrow carwash. With that said, Atlas has been in need of a wash for a very long time! After we pick up some last minute supplies at Walmart and wash off the RV, we head to BLM land outside of Overton, NV.