Exploring Naramata Wine Country ~ Salmon Dinner In The RV ~ S4E17

Waking up to rainy/cloudy weather was definitely not in the plans. Regardless, we put on our thermal gear and head out for a day of exploring. This day for definitely for Biz & G. This would be the last time they would be together exploring a new area like this for a while. I played DD for the day while they sipped wine and Kobuk and I sat outside and enjoyed the amazing countryside. Between everyone reading this and me…I enjoyed the quit time. Then we headed back to the RV to cook some Silver salmon I caught right before hitting the road. And of course, we had to sample some of the wine from the days adventures.

Our Worst Border Crossing ~ Last Dry Camping Spot ~ G Shoots A Shotgun ~ S4E17

Podcast Video Link ~ https://youtu.be/bWm5jnsGF70
Podcast Download Link ~ https://soundcloud.com/chrisandgtravels/biz-and-fulltime-rv-life

G headed to Starbucks to get some school work done so Biz and I cleaned the RV and got some breakfast made. After getting everything ready for the road we headed to the border. A quick rundown of what happened was one of the agents was on a huge power trip and was rude throughout the experience. Then, after connecting back to US cell service, I find a boondocking spot in Washington, our last of the trip. Lastly, we get one of the guns out to do a little target practice 🙂

Our Tow Car Procedure ~ Our First RV Park Of The Trip ~ S4E16

The drifter gnome has a friend, and her name is Sally the succulent! Sally was placed in our fruit and veggie container and got smashed and was near death so I put her on the dash, I hope she makes it! Also, I put the title as selling out because I really do not like staying in RV parks. However, being that we had planned on drinking, I felt it was best to have a certain spot to camp. We wake up to a rainy morning and I get the tow set up to go. We stop for a quick gas break and head to lower British Columbia. After stopping by the visiter center and getting some wifi we make plans to stop by the first RV park of our entire trip down!

Warmer RV Conditions ~ Cheapest Canadian Gas ~ S4E15

Some people have mentioned having the slide out in the Walmart parking lot. We have found that if you ask permission to do so most managers are ok with it as long as you stay in the rear of the parking lot. We start our day with some pancakes in the RV and I get things ready for the road. I am happy to see bugs finally appearing on the windshield, that means warmer weather! Then we stop by the Costco that has the best prices every single year we head up. Just be warned, you need to chip in your credit/debit card to purchase fuel. We end the day on a roadside boondocking spot.

Cassiar RV Boondocking ~ Dump Station Found ~ New Hazelton, BC ~ S4E13

We start the day at an awesome free roadside parking spot for our RV. It included trash cans and vault toilets. After some timelapse and drone shots we get some breakfast and clean up the RV. After cleaning we head South toward the town of New Hazelton. Once arriving in town we luck out and find a full dump station with fresh water. We end the day by buying gas to repay for us using the dump station. If you want to learn more about our traveling gnome friend check out his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Drifter-Gnome-Fred-127983150596730/?fref=ts (his name is fred)

Gorgeous Cassiar Highway Views ~ Healthy RV Dinner ~ S4E12

G had it out for me after I lost my wallet! But it goes to show how nice Canadians are. Actually going through the effort to contact me and then ship my wallet down South! But after using our backup card we fill up the RV and hit the road. This has to be one of my favorite driving sequences ever! Then we find a great place to boondock and cook a nice dinner. This is one of those videos people are either going to love or hate. A lot of the video is driving and cooking with music in the background. And to be honest, when driving the Alcan that is how it goes some days. Lots of driving with snacks in-between.

Fresh Water Turned Off At The RV Dump Station & And The Search For It ~ S4E9

To be honest, atlas was not made for full time RV life. Especially not made for 3 people and a dog to live in it off the grid. However, other than the fresh water, we were doing ok. The holding tanks were doing well and our Propane usage was not horrible. But dishes and showering for 3 people did take its toll. Being we always down down late and come up early we usually run into the fresh water problem. Once the first freeze comes that is the end of the line for most fresh water stations. Luckily, we found a feed store that allowed us to use their water. We purchased a new leash for Kobuk as well as some treats that he loves!

Best Waffles Ever Made ~ Frozen RV Pipes ~ Arriving In Whitehorse ~ S4E8

While making breakfast G and Biz broke out into dance, I was lucky enough to snag a quick video of it. After some amazing waffles I discover the water pump was not working. Come to find out the pipes in the RV had frozen overnight. Before heading to bed around midnight the under bay was at 33 degrees. Later in the evening it got much colder. After some sunlight and hand warmers the pipes were still frozen. After getting packed up we headed towards Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory.