RV Newbie Experience ~ Chilly Root Farm ~ Grilled Sockeye Salmon

After an amazing egg scramble breakfast with purple potatoes we headed back to twin sisters to grab a coffee. Afterwords, we headed over to Chilly Root Farm for a quick tour. If G and I ever get land up here in Alaska we are for sure getting a high tunnel greenhouse! Afterwords I try my hand at grilling salmon and it turned out amazing

Homer Training Run ~ Grace Ridge Brewing ~ Aj’s Steakhouse Dinner

What do you all think of this voice over version of our travel vlog? We start the video soon after our last video detailing our trip into Homer. We head down to the spit to run a 6 mile run for our upcoming race. Then we stop by one of Alaska’s newest breweries and try some of their beer. Lastly, we stop by AJ’s steakhouse for a rare right now and end our night playing on the beach and a bonfire. Enjoy your weekends!

Awesome Alaska Boondocking At Fred Myer ~ Arriving In Homer

Now that we do not have any friends with us in Alaska I can finally get to the Alaska RV travel videos! I hope to have a new one our every other day until our trip back to the lower 48 starts! On this trip we have Mel and Chris with us. They both live in Southern California so they are always up for an Alaskan adventure! We love Homer and suggest anyone who comes to Alaska to spend some time there.

Driftwood Inn RV Park ~ Homer Farmers Market ~ Visiting An Off The Grid Cabin ~ HTP3

I discuss the awesome RV park we stayed at the beginning of the video. After the RV park we headed into the local farmers market and picked up some fresh produce from the local area. Speaking of produce, we then went to visit our friend at his off the grid cabin. I got some awesome videos from his place and will be posting them over the next few days. Then we take a 8 mile run along the spit before heading home!

Two Sisters Bakery ~ RV Burgers ~ Homer Spit Sunset ~ HTP2

Whenever we visit home Two Sisters is always part of our visit. It just so happens it was down the road from us at the RV park. In the years past we have taken Zep with us and camped in tent camping along the spit. Now that we have Kobuk that is not an option! After a quick run we made some awesome burgers in the RV and headed to film at AK Starfish. Sooner or later I will be interviewing Marci for the channel as she is another true Alaskan business owner. I also did some filming for the band Black Water Railroad Co. We end the night with a drone flight over Homer Alaska!

Leaving For Homer, AK ~ Arriving At An Ocean Front RV Park ~ HTP1

HTP1 =’s Homer Trip Part 1. For those still watching our videos we will begin to post adventure videos for the rest of the summer if all goes to plan! We absolutely love Homer! I am sure you will notice this from our videos. If you ever make it to Alaska in your RV you have to check out this awesome little town! Mail Monday will be posted tomorrow. G and I are training for a 16 mile race and we ran 12 miles today after returning from a music festival for her birthday. There is no way I can edit the mail time Monday video with how tired I am right now! Enjoy!

Race Day ~ Kobuk Crashes The Race ~ Food & Back To Seward ~ MT3

We wake up early to head over to downtown Anchorage so the girls could start their race! Shorty after the race started I headed close to the midway point to cheer them on. Kobuk pulled so hard on the leash that he pulled it out from under my feet and greeted G on the course! It was super embarrassing but we had no casualties. Then we had dinner with Bri and her family before heading back to Seward.

What Is A Race Expo? ~ $$$ & YouTube ~ Alaska RV Boondocking Politics ~ MT2

It wasn’t until G and I were together for a year did I know or understand what a race expo was. It is basically a way for companies to show their latest gear to their target audience. In other words, it is smart marketing and G eats it up! Haha. Then I discuss a video I saw on YouTube and how I completely agree with it. Later in the video I discuss how politics and greed has been playing a role in boondocking here in Alaska.

Heading To The Her Tern Half Marathon ~ Cabela’s RV Boondocking ~ MT1

MT =’s Marathon Trip. So, we headed to Anchorage for the weekend for G and Bri’s half marathon put on by a local running store called Skinny Raven. We were lucky and found a spot to boondock at the local Cabela’s after realizing the parking lot was totally packed. Then we headed out for a quick and rare dinner at the Spenard Roadhouse