Alaskan Solstice RV Trip ~ What Was She Thinking? ~ Lots Of Folk Music

After spending time slide out to slide out in Seward we were very excited to explore outside of town! Its not that we do not like the spot we have, it is just great to be able to go out and explore and not be boxed in! Anyway, we make it to Moose Pass for the festival and try a new RV park. The attendant thought we were going to park the RV and bust out a tent…maybe? People always ask how I am able to stay calm in certain situations. Im not too sure but while editing this video I was getting frustrated! Then we head over to find out Kobuk couldnt come in to the festival and we had to put him in the kennel. For those tired of hearing about the dog, sorry, you will just have to get used to it 🙂 Then we dance the night away and drink some local beer. We ended up having 6 people in the RV. 3 on the blow up mattress, one in the passenger seat and G, Kobuk and I sleeping in the back in our beds. All in all it was a great time! Thanks for reading this short story that you could have just watched instead 🙂

Exploring Alaska Salmon Fest 2016 ~ Do NOT Drive Your RV In A Wet Field! SFT 2

We LOVED salmon fest! This video is actually two days that I spliced together to make one video. BTW, what do you all think of the voice over videos. I felt like with this type of music event it was the best way to show our time here. Then, when we parked in the field the entry way was solid grass, by the time we left it was a mud bog. The spot you will see us leave JUST opened up that morning. I ran back to the rv and got everything packed and we made our daring escape!

Heading To Salmon Fest ~ Alaska Motorhome Boondocking & Field Camping ~ SFT 1

SFT =’s Salmon Fest Trip. Part two will be posted tomorrow detailing our time at Salmon Fest. In this video we get a late night start in our RV and I ended up pulling over at about an hour and a half into the trip. It is never wise to push driving late at night in the dark! Early the next morning we stop off at Fred Myers to pick up some gear then we head onto Salmon Fest. I had never parked an RV in a field before and it wasn’t the best idea as you will soon find out!